I can’t wait for everyone to finally see John Wall work

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Wizards haven’t been in on national TV in quite some time. Sure, they have the occasional spot on NBAtv now and then, but that doesn’t count. And really, it’s everyone else’s loss. Because John Wall is insane.

He’s not insane in a bad way; I’m talking about the really good kind of insane. Like, the kind we talked about him being before he was drafted in 2009. The kind that no one really thought he could be because he had too many injuries and the Wizards were too dysfunctional of a franchise with too weak of a supporting cast and too limiting of a coach. We were all nervous about John Wall’s max extension last year; could less than half a season of decent play be enough to warrant all that money?


He’s lightning quick. He makes defenses respect his jumper–man, does he love that right elbow, and does it love him right back. Remember how he’d only made something like five three-pointers in his career before this season? Well, this year he’s shooting almost 40% on nearly four attempts per game.

I’ve been watching the Wizards day-in and day-out for the past two seasons, and I still get goosebumps every time John Wall goes coast to coast in under 4 seconds for a dunk. He brings the crowd to its feet and the opposing team to its knees.

But now that they’re playing the Bulls in the first round of the playoff, the Wizards are guaranteed four well-placed national TV games. And even if they don’t make it out of the first round, everyone will be able to see this Wizards team, and they’ll want to see more of them next year. They’ll especially want to see more of John Wall.

Because John Wall is fucking insane, and I can’t wait for everyone else to see that, too.


Amin Vafa

Amin grew up in Cleveland, lives in DC, and somehow still manages to love watching professional basketball.