Two Days to Wait: A Poem

Last night was it, another season gone,

The games finished up, the final breaths drawn.


Two days to wait now, we get a little break,

Till the playoffs begin, everything at stake.


Heat, Pacers, Raptors, even the Bobcats are here,

First time since two thousand ten, it’s been many a year.


Out West it’s the same old usual suspects,

Seventeen years in a row for the Spurs, mad respect.


Twelve-thirty on Saturday, Raptors-Nets get it going,

Drake vs. Jay-Z, the trash talk will be flowing.


Can’t wait till it gets started, but for now we must wait.

Analyze, discuss, for two days we’ll debate.


One thing we agree on though, this time of year’s best.

Another playoffs beginning, we’re all so, so #blessed.