The Toronto Raptors: An Improv Poem

Once again, we’re joined by my buddy Ryan Hebert. Make sure to follow him on Twitter dot com: @HebertofNH. In today’s poem, we went improv style, in which I picked a topic  (the Toronto Raptors) and emailed that to Ryan. He then responded with two lines, and I in turn responded with two lines of my own. We followed that pattern, basing our lines off the ones we received from each other until we were finished. So here we are. (Ryan’s lines in italics.)


Lowry and Derozan, leaving stout defenders shook

All-world GM, Masai Ujiri, making out like a crook.


First time in the playoffs since two thousand and eight

Since they had Chris Bosh, that’s a long time to wait


The city of T.Dot, they’ll put on their backs

The bench mob shall flourish with Greivis and P.Patt


Plus that starting lineup’s nice, lead by point guard Kyle Lowry

And no need to worry bout the paint, it’s patrolled by Jonas V


And young Terrence Ross, could he be the heir prince?

The talent to make them forget about Vince?


And there’s the long-range bomber, he goes by Steve Novak.

His threes are sure great, but he ain’t no T-Mac


Duane Casey’s defense is stout and fundamental,

And Lowry’s rep and stature are no longer that of a rental.


Just four days till the playoffs’ yearly reprise,

Are the Raptors the team who’ll win and surprise?