FanSided and Hardwood Paroxysm announce affiliation venture, formation of HPBasketball Blog Network


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FanSided and HardwoodParoxysm.com are proud to announce a new joint venture that will bring Hardwood Paroxysm and the newly-created HPBasketball Network under FanSided’s premier network of sports blogs.

The HPBasketball Network will include the HardwoodParoxysm.com flagship site and expand to include four new sites under the HPBasketball banner.

  • A new blog focused on exploring, explaining, and creating advanced NBA metrics, bringing the exciting world of the NBA’s analytic revolution to real world terms. The site will cover everything from common explorations of developing trends to original and thought-provoking concepts while honoring the great work already done in the field.
  • A site dedicated to analyzing the business of the NBA, including issues such as the salary cap and luxury tax, attendance, international business, television deals, technology and more.
  • A new aggregation and conversation site that focuses on the strange world of the NBA on and off the court.
  • An innovative multimedia site featuring original video and graphic productions, podcasts, humorous photoshops, infographics, video chats and more, bringing the audience closer to those who cover and write about the game.

HardwoodParoxysm.com will provide a hub for this and other FanSided content, as well as continuing to provide the unique voice it has for seven years as one of the longest running independent NBA blogs on the web. Fourteen of HardwoodParoxysm.com’s alumni have gone on to have full-time positions in sports or sports media, including SI.com, CBSSports.com, ESPN.com, and NBCSports.com.

“Paroxysm has always been a place to develop the next generation of NBA writing talent, to show the league through fun and illuminative lenses, and to celebrate the awesomeness of pro basketball,” Editor Emeritus Matt Moore says. “This new venture allows us to pursue our mission with a bigger and better vision in mind. We’re thrilled to join FanSided and believe this is where the future of basketball blogging lies on the web.”

FanSided is proud to announce the addition of Hardwood Paroxysm, along with the formation of the HP Basketball Network. This partnership furthers our commitment to featuring some of the best, most original sports content on the web. Hardwood Paroxysm — a hotbed for basketball journalism future stars — also further cements FanSided as the place to be for basketball bloggers moving forward. This joint venture will also allow for some of the most innovative NBA coverage to date. We believe Hardwood Paroxysm is the perfect partner to assist us as we redefine the way we cover professional basketball. Additionally, FanSided is also confident about its ability to lift the already strong Hardwood Paroxysm brand to new heights.” – FanSided CEO/Co-Founder Adam Best

Hardwood Paroxysm is looking for new and unique voices to join these new sites as well as HardwoodParoxysm.com. Interested writers looking to develop their talents and bring their writing to new audience or to branch out to a field they have yet to cover should send inquiries to [email protected]

Matt Moore

Matt Moore is a Senior NBA Blogger for CBSSports.com's Eye on Basketball blog, weekend editor of Pro Basketball Talk on NBCSports.com, and co-editor of Voice on the Floor. He lives in Kansas City due to an unbelievably complex set of circumstances and enjoys mid-90's pop rock, long walks on the beach and the novels of Tim Sandlin.