KD and LeBron: A Poem

Contributing to today’s poem is my good buddy Ryan Hebert. You should go follow him on twitter dot com (@HebertofNH) for his thoughts on basketball and music.

The poem today is split up, with alternating stanzas about KD and Lebron. I wrote the lines about KD, while Ryan contributed the lines about Lebron (in italics).


Kevin Durant, the Durantula, or just KD,

Never mind, forget those; just call him MVP.

Gonna win a ring too, forget that curse from Lil B.

The rest of the league left littered like debris.


The reigning MVP bides time like no other human can,

Putting forth effortless masterpieces and statistical gems.

A physical freak with an IQ to boast,

His final true success culminates in a champagne toast.


Seventh year in the league, but he’s just twenty-five,

Hardest worker in the game too, he’s got the drive.

Seems like just yesterday we watched him arrive.

Been too much fun watching him and Russ thrive.


Yet he comes every night, with consistency and power.

Poor rookies and veterans alike he will scour. 

Is it a slight that motivates or a possible MVP?

Surely his sights are set on KD.


He drops thirty-two points on average per game.

The scoring title he lost last year he’ll reclaim.

Plus that MVP trophy and a ring’s in his aim,

And when he wins ‘em both it’ll just add to his fame.