Triple-Double Rondo: A Poem

The Celtics played the Sixers in Boston last night,

Not a heavyweight, more like a bantamweight fight.


It wasn’t quite meaningless, though, if that’s what you think,

Cause the Sixers hopes of “catching” Milwaukee did shrink.


I can understand if you skipped out on this show,

But if you did, you missed out on triple-double Rondo.


Eleven points, eleven boards, and sixteen dimes,

Rondo triple-double for the very first time,


Since he tore his ACL back in two thousand thirteen.

So great to have him back rocking that Celtic green.


In the third quarter he made his most impressive drive,

Quickly, and loudly, the Garden came alive.


Waiting and plotting, he gave his patented fake,

Then drove, hung in the air, and reversed for the make.


It was crazy, it was brilliant, it was classic number nine.

With Rondo as a leader, Boston’s future will be fine.