Week #2: Angry Knicks Fan

Josh Khalou continues his ‘Angry Knicks Fan’ Series with Week Two. If you missed Week One and would like to check it out, click here. Enjoy.

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My experience as a New York Knicks fan this week wasn’t totally surprising. The Knicks are a streaky team, and proved it recently. They lost seven consecutive games before winning three straight, and are now just 3 ½ games back of the eight-seed in the Eastern Conference. I’m sure some die-hard fans are excited about this, but I’m certainly not. Why would I want to see the Knicks get bounced quickly out of the first-round by either the Indiana Pacers or the Miami Heat – it might just get embarrassing.

Those two teams would bully the Knicks around. It was just last week that the Knicks let Joakim Noah become the first center since 1978 to record a triple-double – of course it came against us.

Yet, there is one idea I am extremely excited about; the possibility of Phil Jackson becoming the President of Basketball Operations of the Knicks. To me, this is a move that must happen. Sure, this does make the organization look desperate for a change but it’s the right decision. The team is finally beginning to come to its senses that Carmelo Anthony is actually going to leave the Big Apple unless he sees the Knicks are heading in the right direction. Phil Jackson has an outstanding reputation of the game and  is a basketball genius – there is just so much potential for him as part of the team. Yet, there are still questions that must be answered.

Will he coach the team, or just stay in the front office? How much power will he have? Will owner James Dolan relinquish power to Jackson, something we have yet to see him do for anyone else? Does he feel confident coming in with absolutely no general manager experience? As one can see, there are still holes in this idea.

Personally, I hope Jackson comes to New York because of how close he is with so many people around the league. I feel as though coaches would love to come and work under Jackson. He is also appealing to players – after all, the man has eleven championship rings as a head coach.  He may even be able to convince ‘Melo to stay in New York.

I just hope the Knicks don’t end up in the unlucky, awful position they are currently in. I hope Phil Jackson, the coach with the most titles in the history of the game, comes through.