If you didn’t know, the reason the Thunder haven’t won a title with Kevin Durant is because Lil B the BasedGod put a curse on the Thunder superstar.

Here’s a cliff notes version of their feud: Kevin Durant said Lil B was wack and Lil B retaliated by putting The BasedGod’s Curse on Durant and proclaimed the Thunder will never win a title. In a change of heart, however, Lil B – a top 10 most kind person on the planet – lifted the curse in the summer of 2012. Lil B has also challenged Durant to a one-on-one matchup, which unfortunately has never come to fruition. With no activity in recent months, it seemed the feud was over, but in the last few weeks Lil B has tweeted out multiple hateful messages to Durant. And then a few days ago, Lil B made a power move by releasing a Kevin Durant diss track.


As with most Lil B songs, it’s certainly unique. The BasedGod once again calls out Durant to play ball against him and then croons out “Fuck Kevin Durant” many times over as the video opens.

The track is nice as always, but Lil B kills it on the hook.

“You said that I’m wack? See me on the court / Score on me if you talkin’ bout points / I like Roc Nation and I love Jay Z / But on westside I’m screaming fuck KD”

Wow. [fire emoji] [fire emoji] [fire emoji].

Anyways, good luck winning a title, KD. The BasedGod is not an enemy you want.