Tim Duncan Is Getting Voters In San Antonio To Vote By Calling Them


Tim Duncan has lived in San Antonio since being drafted by the Spurs in 1997. After living  in one place for that long you are bound to make some life long friends and would do a favor for them if they asked. It seems like Democratic hopeful for District Attorney in San Antonio, Nicholas La Hood, has called in that favor, as Duncan has recorded a robocall in favor of La Hood’s candidacy:



In a crowded race, endorsements count for something, and Nicholas La Hood, the Democratic hopeful for district attorney, has an enviable one in Spurs great Tim Duncan. On Tuesday, Duncan’s voice was filtering into home answering machines, “respectfully” asking for listeners to vote for La Hood, his “dear friend” who he has known for 16 years, because, Duncan said, “I know the kind of man he is.”

“I trust him personally with my family, with my children. I’m asking you to trust him also, as our district attorney.” Duncan’s pitch was enthused but steady, with only a slight stumble on the “also” in that last sentence.

LaHood faces seasoned lawyer Therese Huntzinger in today’s Democratic primary.

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This is not the first time Duncan has supported La Hood, as here is a 2010 ad featuring Duncan:

Making robocalls should be nothing new for Duncan since  if you remember from last year’s NBA Finals, he is actually a robot:


Update: It looks like Duncan’s hard work paid off as La Hood won “by a hair.”

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