Getting Back on Track

It starts out simple enough. The internet goes out or you oversleep. Then you have a loaded week of tests and projects due. Then you have to go out of town for work, and suddenly it’s been over two weeks and you haven’t written anything of real substance.

Sure there’s the highlight or breaking news posts a few times a day, but is that really writing? I mean, yeah, those few words and sentences are technically writing, but no one really cares what they say. Half of the time (probably even more than that) the people who view the post don’t even read the words; they’re just there for the video. And that’s fine; it’s part of the deal when running a blog. You have to constantly post the best highlights and important news pieces to keep your readers informed and coming back to the site.

In the midst of everything else going on with work and school and life in general, it can be hard to find the time to sit and actually write something more than just another “Here’s Blake Griffin Doing A Sick Dunk” post. And with anything else, the longer you go without writing real words of substance (This just reminded me of those “Real Men of Genius” ads, which ain’t got shit to do with this, but I just thought that I should mention.), the harder it is to get back into it. The few hours between classes that you used to spend writing become extra time to sleep or watch Netflix. You start making excuses in your head about why you can’t write or how you’ll write later, and they go on for days, and then before you know it, weeks.

With no deadlines or assignments, it becomes even harder to break the habit of non-writing that developed before you even realized it had begun. 19 days ago I published a post about why we watch Anthony Davis. 19 days, almost three weeks. That’s how long it’s been since I wrote words and sentences and paragraphs that really mean anything. And that’s pretty wack, tbqh.

I realize these words don’t really have much to do with basketball, but it’s kind of related and it’s my site so I’m posting it here, ending, at least temporarily, my drought. Not writing is just as hard of a habit to break as any, but hopefully this little piece does the job.