LeBron James Jams On Serge Ibaka, Hurts Nose in Process (Video)

The Miami Heat got off to a great start tonight thanks to their perpetual MVP candidate, LeBron James. Since those first few minutes in which LeBron dominated, the Heat have cruised and currently lead by 20 points with just minutes remaining in the game.

They’ve had to finish out the contest without LeBron, however, as he hurt is nose in the process of dunking on Serge Ibaka’s head.


James got popped in the face as he gathered his dribble, but still managed to throw down a vicious dunk on Ibaka.

I’m confident in saying that this play is the most impressive thing I’ve seen all season. He managed to fly through the air and throw down the dunk after he got smashed in the face.

All hail King James.