Mr. Miller Goes To Washington

akibubblet | Flickr

akibubblet | Flickr

The Andre Miller nightmare has finally come to an end.



OK, so it wasn’t really a nightmare, but Brian Shaw can finally stop answering questions about Andre Miller, why the Nuggets haven’t reached out to Andre Miller, if Andre Miller will return to the team and what Andre Miller had for dinner.

Miller had been absent from the Nuggets after his in-game outburst at Brian Shaw on January 1. He was originally suspended, only to have that suspension lifted a day later. Instead, Miller would take a leave of absence from the team, citing “personal reasons.”

In a cruel twist of irony, Miller’s “leave” began almost as soon as the Nuggets needed him. Nate Robinson tore his ACL, leaving Denver without a back-up point guard, and Ty Lawson has dealt with several injuries as well — most recently, a fractured rib. Miller was never going to return to the team, but since he was still on the roster, Denver couldn’t even sign someone from the D-League to shore up the rotation.

Miller’s departure allowed Denver to make a subsequent move to acquire Aaron Brooks, yet another undersized point guard, because Denver needed more of those.

For Washington, though old, Miller’s still a serviceable back-up, which is exactly what the Wizards needed. Garrett Temple and the now-departed Eric Maynor, Washington’s two nominal back-up point guards, had net ratings of -7.5 and -28.2, according to Miller, oddly enough, was part of Denver’s confounding bench unit that was among the best defensively in the league early in the season, at one point surrendering just 99 points per 100 possessions.

In return for Miller, the Nuggets receive Jan Vesely, who will make approximately zero impact on this season.

As for Philadelphia, well, Sam Hinkie just gets to add to his treasure trove of second-round picks. What are you planning, Hinkie?

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