Dwight Howard Launches His Own Fitness Line Of Supplements

Dwight Howard is not a businessman, he's a business, man!  Photo via @DwightHowardFit

Dwight Howard is not a businessman, he’s a business, man! Photo via @DwightHowardFit

Basically because he loves to encase his body in tight fitting garments, it is a well known fact that Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard is a muscular  human being. Since being a skinny teenager in his rookie year, Howard has worked his body into the physique of a superhero. Hoping to take advantage of his notorious muscles, Howard recently launched his own fitness line of supplements creatively named Dwight Howard Fitness.

According to the company’s Twitter feed, Howard showcased his line of branded workout drinks called Blast Caps at an Adidas event at All Star Weekend in New Orleans:

The company’s infomercial looking website does not have any information on where and how you can purchase Howard’s blast caps but you can register to win a “Dwight Howard Prize Pack” which probably includes various Dwight Howard Fitness products. No information on what actually a blast cap consists of but as Howard has a bit of a sweet tooth himself, one can assume that sugar is a main ingredient.


Ananth Pandian

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