Breaking: Rajon Rondo to be Traded to Every Team

NBA history has been made today, as sources close to the situation tell Saving the Skyhook that Rajon Rondo will be traded to every team. It is a monumental day, as this is the first time anything like this has ever happened before.

We learned of the deal just minutes ago, as a source with knowledge of the situation told us,

It’s an interesting move, but in the end everyone will be happy. Every team will get Rondo, and best of all we won’t have to hear about rumors involving him anymore.

As for the specifics of this complicated deal, we turn once again to sources close to the situation, who broke it all down for us.

So basically, every team will share Rondo. The Celtics will retain him for 24 games of their choosing. The remaining 58 games will then be split up between the remaining 29 teams based on how much they are offering the Celtics.

The details of how many games each team will get are still being ironed out, but it appears the Knicks, Kings and Raptors are all looking to get as many as 3 games out of Rondo.

As for the playoffs, the Celtics will get Rondo until they are eliminated. He will then move to whatever team gave up the most in the 30 team deal. Once that team is eliminated (or should they already be eliminated), Rondo will simply be moved to whichever remaining team gave up the most in the deal.

Obviously this is a complicated situation and one Rondo isn’t too pleased with. He would have rather stayed with the Celtics according to multiple sources, but in the end Danny Ainge saw this deal as too good to pass up.

When we get more information about how the trade is breaking down, we’ll pass that along to you. Expect, however, that the deal may not be completed until the summer, in which case it will take effect next season.