Saving the Skyhook Staff Predictions – All-Star Game

All-Star Weekend concludes on Sunday with the league’s premier event; the All-Star Game (8:00 p.m. ET). The Eastern Conference is putting out LeBron James, Paul George, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade and Kyrie Irving as its starters while the Western Conference boasts a starting lineup of Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin Kevin Love, Stephen Curry and James Harden. The star-studded event should certainly be an entertaining, back-and-forth contest.

Below are the predictions from the Saving the Skyhook Staff:

Matthew Hochberg: Western Conference 

For the fourth consecutive year, the Western Conference will emerge with the All-Star Game victory. The team has Kevin Durant, the world’s hottest player to go along with the best shooter on the planet, Stephen Curry and Blake Griffin who is playing the best basketball of his young career. Despite LeBron James and Paul George leading the charge for the East, the West will take it. It will certainly be a close, exciting game.

Jack Maloney: Western Conference

This should be a fun night as always, with highlights galore. Despite the Eastern Conference having LeBron James, I’m going with the Western Conference to defend their title. They’ve won the game three years in a row, and with their ridiculous depth, I don’t see that streak ending.

Sam Kuperman: Eastern Conference

This one should be pretty evenly matched but I’m gonna have to give the edge to the East. While the West may have more depth all around, I have a good feeling that Paul George is going to take over this one. Between him, LeBron James, and the rest of the team, I just have that gut feeling that the East will prevail. I’m sure Kevin Durant and company will hold their own in this showdown, but I think the combination of Lebron and Paul George will be a little too much for the opposition to handle.

Matt Constas: Western Conference

Two words: Kevin Durant. Who’s gonna stop him from scoring in the All-Star Game when there’s practically no defense? Look at what he does when people try on defense. I think they run a little deeper than the East. It will be an entertaining game as always, but I think the West will win this one.

Michael Wesson: Eastern Conference

This All-Star game is going to be interesting. It really gives somewhat of an insight on the future of the All-Star Games with today’s rising stars. Now of course, two of the best point guards in the league will not be playing in the game – Russell Westbrook and Derrick Rose – but I think that the two of them being out gives guys like John Wall and Stephen Curry chances to shine. Kevin Durant will be looking to get another one up on LeBron this season and he just might be trying to go for the MVP of the game. I just do not see it happening. Star of the game will be Paul George and the East will win the game 132 – 128.


Will the West keep their crown, or do the East take it from them? Let us know what you think.