Pacers Paul George Appears In Music Video For #360Slammin

Paul George Is A Music Video Star Flickr | Basketball Schedule

Paul George Is A Music Video Star Flickr | Basketball Schedule

Paul George’s 360 windmill dunk is already ingrained in our minds as one of the better dunks of the season and to commemorate the dunk, the Smiley morning show on Indianapolis radio station WZPL-FM (99.5),  released the song “360 Slammin’” days after. As George is set to compete in Saturday’s Sprite Slam Dunk Contest, the Smiley morning show took things a step further and recorded a music video featuring George himself:

Via the Indy Star:

In addition to dental-hygiene references, “#360Slammin” connects George’s 360-degree throwdown to turning completely around before crossing a street, driving around a building before parking and cooking a casserole at 360 degrees.

Most notable, however, is: “Three hundred sixty, we’re talking degrees. Get out two protractors, because that’s what you’ll need.” George brandishes prop protractors in the video.

Remember, Paul George did a very similar dunk in the 2012 Sprite Slam Dunk Contest but the lights were turned off:

If George duplicates the dunk on Saturday, for comedy sakes, hopefully the added wrinkle will be that #360Slammin’ will be playing in the arena.


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