Nerlens Noel Spoofs Anthony Davis’ Foot Locker Commercial In Instagram Video

A couple of weeks ago, Foot Locker came out with a new commercial. In it, some teenager is playing basketball at his house and he’s talking to himself, living out his hoop dreams by counting down the seconds in some imaginary game, setting himself up for the game-winning shot. (Don’t lie, you’ve done it before). But then, as he lets it rip, Anthony Davis comes out of nowhere, swats his shot into the garage and finishes the story, saying, “Reeeeejected by Anthony Davis. The stadium is shaking. The fans have never seen anything like this in their life before,” while running into his car and driving off into the sunset.

It’s pretty hilarious. You can watch the whole commercial here. But odds are, you’ve already seen it. Since its release on January 30th, it has received over 850,000 views and was posted, well, pretty much everywhere. And if you did happen to miss it, you’re probably doing something wrong on the Internet and/or Twitter.

Anyway, since it is now officially All-Star break, there are plenty of players who have nothing to do – because, you know, they’re not All-Stars – and many use the time to go home to spend some time with the family and get away from all the basketball madness. For Nerlens Noel, he has done just that, heading back home to Lexington for the long weekend. And when he was riding along to wherever he was going today, he saw some kids playing basketball in the street and his creative juices got flowing. So he pulled the car over, got out and decided to make a spoof of his Davis’ commercial.

Thanks to this video, Giannis may need to Tweet more about smoothies if he wants to be our favorite rookie for the rest of the season.

Scott Rafferty

  • rahul

    “The fans have never seen anything like this” – what, Nerlens thinks none of his fans have watched his college highlights? Cmon brah, there’s life outside the nba