No, Shawne Williams Did Not Make This Dunk (Video)

Basketball announcers sit court side and therefore don’t always have the best angle to see plays happen live. As such, this can occasionally lead to mistakes when calling the action. Usually, however, they correct themselves after seeing a replay – often in slow motion.

Tonight, Kevin Harlan and Mike Fratello made a small mistake when they thought this dunk attempt by Shawne Williams went through the hoop. Upon further review, however, it is clear that while it appears as though Williams got the Lakers two points, the dunk actually did not go into the basket. Harlan and Fratello, however, do not come to that realization – even as they watch a slow-mo replay.


This was a bizarre few seconds, as they blatantly missed the call and then continued on with out correcting themselves. Pretty funny to see, especially from two veteran announcers.

*Bonus footage of Kendrick Perkins bricking a jump hook at the 20 second mark.

(h/t to @DailyThunder)