Dwight Howard Challenges Young Bucks Fan To A Game Of One-On-One

On Saturday night, the Houston Rockets made a trip to Milwaukee to take on the woeful Bucks. It shouldn’t have been an interesting game because, well, the Bucks are terrible and the Rockets are not, but the men in green gave James Harden and company a run for their money, losing by just six points.

For the fans watching, it was a pretty good game. Dwight Howard had another huge performance, Omer Asik came back after missing countless games due to injury and the Bucks got some good production out of John Henson, Nate Walters and Brandon Knight. Nevertheless, the best moment of the night might have come before all the fun tipped off.

According to Bucks.com, Dwight was wrapping up his pre-game routine with a some corner threes when a young Bucks fan called him out, daring him to make another. Whether or not Dwight proceeded to jack up another shot from beyond the arc, I don’t know, but he did invite the kid out onto the court, asking, “You want some of this?” Presumably, the Bucks fan nodded his head because Sophia Minnaert, the Bucks’ social media and sideline reporter, posted this photo on Twitter of the kid launching one from deep:

But that wasn’t all. After their little shoot-out, Dwight challenged the young, confident fellow to a game of one-on-one and decided not to take it easy on him, swatting his shot out of bounds.

And last but not least, it made for this photo, which is really, really cool.


Scott Rafferty