Ask A Blogger: Cole Patty

Welcome back to my Ask A Blogger series in which I interview bloggers about the #bloglife and basketball. To see previous interviews, go here.

Today we have Hawks Hoop and Hickory High blogger Cole Patty with us. Just a year ago, Norris Cole Patty Mills was asking me about how to get into blogging, and now he’s doing big things, which is awesome. So make sure you check him out on Twitter dot com (@ColePatty) and read his stuff.

1. In just a few sentences, can you tell us who you write for/what your job is?

I write for Hickory-High of USA Today, and for HawksHoop on the ESPN TrueHoop network. In addition to my posts, I usually try to help out Andrew Lynch in ESPN’s Daily Dime Live chat.


2. How did you first get interested/started with writing about basketball?

I started to really enjoy writing my freshman year of college, I had a professor take special interest in me and the things I wrote. I had no idea this relm existed however until I started reading the Hardwood Paroxysm 2012 Season Preview. I started to read a collection of blogs a little more than I’d like to admit, which eventually led to an appearence in a Daily Dime Live chat as a commenter. After two weeks or so, I asked Andrew Lynch if he’d look at something I wrote. Which led to me applying for the editing position at Life on Dumars. The rest was history.


3. How does a normal day of blogging go for you?

I have an interesting schedule this semester. Between writing a thesis and a full load of senior level classes, free time is a little on the scarce side. I’ve made sure though, at some point in the day I sit down and watch at least one game and write at least once-a-day. Writing is a muscle, and you need to constantly flex it. So while I don’t always have the kind of time to dedicate to more published thoughts, I’ve written a bit for myself. When I get really inspired to write something bigger though, I ended up dropping everything else in my schedule to get a post done.


4. Switching to basketball things, what is one low-key thing in the league (player, team, set, etc.) that you really like watching right now that casual fans may not know about?

I’m sort of dedicated to the everyday working men of the NBA, and so I think the low-key moment has to be the amount of players who have turned into solid role players on certain teams. Khris Middleton has made great strides in Milwaukee. James Johnson has been unreal in Memphis, despite the Hawks cutting him this summer. Josh McRoberts has been shockingly important to the Bobcats this season. I’ve also really enjoyed Chris Johnson — the one from Dayton — being able to get his contract extended to the rest of the season. These aren’t the guys you’ll really remember ten years later, but they have their own respecitve stories as well.


5. Obviously Nick Young is a starter on the “Swag Team.” Round out the starting five.

Nick Young of course (he’s wearing a sweatshirt that says “Swaggy P” on it with an “In My Mind” stylaized cartoon, definition of swag), and you have to reuinite him with JaVAle McGee to give the world the best duo since Soulja Boy and Arab. Give me Andray Blatche at the powerforward, I mean c’mon son. At small forward, I’m going to go with the upset pick of Jimmy Butler over J.R. Smith. Smith’s done a ton of bizzare things that has made him endearing, but Butler dances to Taylor Swift, hangs out with Miley Cyrus AND Mark Whalberg, all while rocking a haircut that sort of looks like a unique fungus. Smith’s antics have been well documented, but Butler feels like a nice upside play. Point guard is Brandon Jennings. This vine alone gets him the spot.


Bonus question: What is your favorite NBA .gif?

I snubbed Lance Stephenson from the All-Swag team, but I leave this with no explination required.


So there you have it. Thanks again to Cole for joining the program, and if you still aren’t following him on Twitter, do that now: @ColePatty.