Roy Hibbert: What’s Flappy Bird?

The Flappy Bird phenomenon has swept across the country like wild fire on its way to becoming the most downloaded application in the iOS and Google Play app stores. Indiana Pacers star Roy Hibbert, however, doesn’t know what Flappy Bird is:

Don’t worry Roy, it’s not too late; although you are off to a slow start. The popular game already has more than 500,000 downloads from the iPhone app store.

The game is actually simple. As a pixelated “flappy bird” you tap the screen and attempt to avoid the green posts (which look extremely similar to the pipes in Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros., by the way). If you hit the pipe, you lose and start over. As you continue avoiding the pipes, you gain points as it becomes more challenging. That is all there is to it.

Hibbert is apparently quite the gamer, so it shouldn’t be much longer before the 27-year-old is the king of Flappy Bird. He also revealed on Twitter on early Wednesday morning that he purchased a PlayStation 4 for the Pacers’ locker room.


He may want to cut back on the PS4, though. A certain smart phone app is calling his name.


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