Roy Hibbert Lays The Smacketh Down On “Fan”

People do the weirdest things to get a shout-out on Twitter. Some go down the “I love you, you’re my favorite player” route, which may get you a retweet or follow depending on who that person is. Others go down the “Hey, you! Yeah, you. You’re terrible. I know what I’m talking about” route, which never seems to work out well unless you want to get ridiculed in front out hundreds of thousands of people sitting behind a computer screen.

Earlier this season, Carmelo Anthony brought the New Year in with a Tweet for the ages when he called a Knicks fan a, “glazed donut face”, which everyone on the internet greatly appreciated. It ended up on a ton of websites, was retweeted nearly 30,000 times, had over 21,000 favorites and the disgruntled Knicks fan who was growing sick and tired of rooting for his team got a few hundred followers as a result…but not one from Carmelo.

Now, Melo’s best friend, Roy Hibbert, got in on the act when some apparent Pacers fan had some not very nice things to say about his background.


Photo: r/NBA

Why he thought asking for a follow would solve everything, I don’t know. And if you were wondering, yes, he did get blocked.

Also, “your my man”? Not the best time to make a spelling mistake, pal. But to make this all better, someone put @touey_z’s face onto this picture:

Man, I love Twitter.

Scott Rafferty