Ask A Blogger: Jacob Frankel

Welcome back to “Ask A Blogger,” my new feature in which I interview basketball bloggers about the #bloglife and basketball. To see earlier interviews, go here.

Today we are joined by Jacob Frankel of Magic Basketball, ClipperBlog, HoopChalk and Hickory High. He’s a youngster compared to many of us, but he’s also one of the smartest guys around. You can catch him on Twitter talking about the Warriors and advanced stats, among other things: @jacob_frankel.


1. In just a few sentences, can you tell us who you write for/what your job is?

I write for a couple of TrueHoop Network sites, Magic Basketball, Clipperblog, and HoopChalk. I also do more general league and statistics based stuff for Hickory High.


2. How did you first get interested in/started with writing about basketball?

My first interest in blogging actually came through football. I needed an excuse to watch so much of it, so I took up blogging. That shifted over to the basketball at some point (I don’t watch any football now. Funny how things develop). I started off in the typical manner–a .blogspot.com site and a few low-level blogs–and reached out to other bloggers. True story: my first real basketball article was a fan post on Golden State of Mind that asserted the future of the Warriors was in the hands of Charles Jenkins, Jeremy Tyler, and Klay Thompson. There was nowhere to go but up.


3. How does a normal day of blogging go for you?

I’m in school, so I keep an eye on things when I have the chance. Twitter notification alerts on Woj, Amick, Spears, Stein, and RIC THE LEGEND tweets are crucial. I try to read as much as I can when I don’t have class. I usually really dive in on about 15 articles a day and just skim through another 40. I’m in Hawaii, which means games start at 2. I usually get home by 4 (9:00 ET) and watch games from then till 8. Then, more reading, hopefully some writing, and chatting with other bloggerfolk.


4. Switching to basketball things, what is one low-key thing in the league (player, team, set, etc.) that you really like watching right now that casual fans may not know about?

Brandan Wright. The guy has a TS% of 70! The Mavericks’ two man lineup of Wright and Dirk Nowitzki scores 119 points per 100 possessions! He has sticky hands, finishes anything near the basket, and sucks in the defense to open up threes for other players. Just a joy to watch.


5. How have the first few weeks of the Golden Steez Warriors experience been?

I’ve loved it. He’s been in a lesser role than in Boston, but still hit a number of insane shots. The second unit is still terrible, but he makes them infinitely more watchable.


Special Bonus Question: What was your favorite part of Soulja Boy: The Movie?

Tough question. There’s the comedy/swag of him getting a remote controlled car made of gold and diamonds. The trill in how he handled his beef with Ice T. But I have to go with the emotional, when he broke up with Arab. They both had “SODMG for life” tattoos. So sad. The good news is that they’re homies again, and Arab even appeared in one of Soulja’s most recent music videos. The movie’s on Netflix, and I highly recommend it to anybody reading. Legitimately got goosebumps during the last Crank That montage.


So there you have it. Thanks again to Jacob for joining us, and make sure you go check out his stuff and follow him on Twitter dot com: @jacob_frankel


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    Should we get rid of Mark Jackson for being out coached night and night out from other coaches and not maximizing the team’s talent and potential?