The Wizards Troll The Trail Blazers On Twitter After Victory

Back on December 4th when the Portland Trail Blazers were taking the NBA world by storm with the best record in the league, they sent out a little something on Twitter that set the basketball blogosphere world on fire:

The Phoenix Suns replied with, “We asked you to keep that on the down low. That eager to get rid of us already?” and everyone was reminded that the Eastern Conference was a dark and depressing place.

Since then, the East has been a little better. Now five teams are above .500, which shouldn’t be that incredible, but it is. And while that has been going on, the Trail Blazers have come back down to earth. They are still owners of one of the best records in the West, so it’s way too early to abandon ship, but they’ve fallen four games behind the conference-leading Oklahoma City Thunder after splitting their last 10 games. And last night, they dropped only their third loss of the season to an Eastern Conference team, losing by a final score of 100-90 to the Washington Wizards.

After the game, the Wizards were feeling pretty good about themselves. Not only was it a good win against one of the NBA’s elite teams, but they are now over .500 for the first time since October 2009, which is, well, mind blowing. In wake of all that excitement, they brought the Blazers’ Tweet from two months ago back to life, replying that it’s never too late for them to join the Eastern Conference and they are welcome back anytime.

The Blazers got the last laugh, though.

NBA teams trolling each other on Twitter will never, ever get old.

Scott Rafferty