BUCKS WIN! BUCKS WIN!: Thoughts on the NBA for 2/4/14

  • Wooooooooooo! The Milwaukee Bucks won a basketball game last night! No, I’m serious. Why would I be joking about that? They played the Knicks and Nate Wolters started and Giannis dropped 15 points with his family in attendance all the way from Greece (!) and Carmelo Anthony tied the game with a three with under 20 seconds left, but Brandon Knight came down and hit a game winning three with just over a second left and it was awesome. Also, if you wanted further proof that Giannis is the best, look no further.


  • I wrote a few days ago about how I wouldn’t want to have to cover this Bucks team the rest of the season, but last night was one of those games that makes covering bad teams worth it. Sure they haven’t had a winning streak this season and likely won’t ever get one. They’re going to end up with the worst record in the league and there will be many more excruciating games, but for one night at least, Bucks fans, writers, players, etc. were able to forget about that and celebrate an exciting win.


  • Also, here is Giannis’ family celebrating Knight’s three.


  • Celebrating as well last night were the Washington Wizards, who finally, after months of effort, got above .500. They did it in impressive fashion too, knocking off the Portland Trail Blazers. Kevin Seraphin put in a big night off the bench, finishing with 19 points and 5 rebounds. We could get into other specifics about the game, but I think it’s fairly obvious the most important thing about the Wizards win was that it spawned this photoshop.
  • So Randy Foye hit a game winning buzzer beater last night, and it was insane. Down by two to the Clippers, the Nuggets were inbounding with just over six seconds left. The initial plan on the inbounds (a back screen for the inbounder) didn’t work, so instead Foye came and got the ball near the top of the key. He got a screen from J.J. Hickson and launched a three from way behind the line that fell through after the buzzer had already sounded. It was just a ridiculous shot. Foye finished with 14 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists on the night.


  • Our boy Anthony Davis – who we’re featuring here all week – had another nice night last night, scoring 17 points, grabbing 16 rebounds and blocking 4 shots. It wasn’t enough, however, as the Pelicans lost to the Spurs. Plus, the Pelicans lost Tyreke Evans last night to a rib injury. It’s essentially been a lost season for New Orleans with all of these injuries. Hopefully they can stay healthy next year, because I think they have a good chance to make a playoff push with Davis and company.