Pacers’ Fans Chant “Not An All-Star” At Nets’ Joe Johnson


Don’t trust this smile, he hates Joe Johnson.   Flickr | kmakice

Much to the chagrin of Pacer’s fans, guard Lance Stephenson was snubbed to be in the All-Star game. Like the fans, Stephenson was equally disappointed:

“I already had a chip on my shoulder and it made me even worse,” Stephenson said about not making the Eastern Conference reserves. “Now I’m going to kill everybody who is in front of me.”

What probably makes it even more infuriating for Stephenson and Pacers’ fans is that the player that was chosen instead, Joe Johnson of the Brooklyn Nets, was shocked to be picked:

“I was somewhat (surprised). I wasn’t expecting it, honestly,” Johnson said at the Nets’ practice facility

With the Nets in Indianapolis to take on the Pacers Saturday night, the fans made sure that Johnson was aware of their displeasure, chanting “Not an All-Star” when he was on the free throw line:

The chant didn’t seem to affect Johnson, who finished the game with 16 points but it wasn’t enough as the Nets lost to the Pacers by one. Stephenson continued to display his All-Star-like game, with 14 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists.

Ananth Pandian

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