Kevin Durant: No Longer Good At Basketball: Thoughts on the NBA for 2/2/14

  • Well he had a good run, but it looks like the show’s over for old Kevin Durant. He’s just no longer good at basketball. Now don’t get me wrong, he was fantastic in January, but nothing can last forever. For the second night in a row, he failed to score 30 points. He put up just 26 as the Thunder lost to the Wizards. THE WIZARDS PLAY IN THE EASTERN CONFERENCE! How can you claim a player’s good at basketball when he can’t score 30 points AND loses to the Wizards? Answer: You can’t. If I were you, I’d jump off the Kevin Durant train now before you hold on too long and are stuck looking around wondering where everyone went as you plummet off the side of a cliff.


  • This is a #TopTier tweet from the Hawks.
  • I know this is a basketball blog, but we need to discuss something. Stop pretending you don’t like “Timber.” I realize Pitbull is involved, but still, “Timber” is [fire emoji] [fire emoji] [fire emoji]. You’re lying to yourself, you’re lying to your friends, and you’re lying to Lil B the Based God if you claim you “CAN’T STAND THAT SONG.” It’s 2014. No one cares if you like a song by Ke$ha. Stop trying to be ~cool~ around other people. If they’re going to actually make fun of you for liking a song that’s fire, you don’t want to be friends with them anyway.


  • Okay. Glad that’s settled. Let’s return to your regularly scheduled programming.


  • Surprise, surprise, the Bucks lost again. Even Giannis can’t save this team from being extremely depressing. I think there’s some hope for the future in Milwaukee, but man, I would not wan’t to have to cover this team the rest of the season. Gary Neal played 13 minutes last night and went 1-8. I don’t think I could handle that for another 35 games. And I’m a Celtics fan, so believe me, I watch plenty of bad basketball. But this Bucks team. Sheeeeeeshh.


  • With their win over the Bucks the Grizzlies finally moved back into a playoff spot. They’ve now won six games in a row and hold a percentage points edge over the Dallas Mavericks. They are going to be without Mike Conley for about a week however, after he injured his ankle in their win over the Timberwolves the other night.


  • LeBron was doing LeBron things last night, scoring 30 points, grabbing 8 rebounds and handing out 7 assists. Plus, he had 6(!) steals. It’s definitely worth your time to check out his highlights from last night.