All Terrence Ross Everything: Thoughts on the NBA for 2/1/14

  • There were other players who scored more points and made more important baskets last night, but nothing was as impressive as Terrence Ross cramming on Kenneth Faried. First, we need to take a look at this picture.
  • Just incredible. It looks like Faried is about to swallow him up, but somehow Ross goes right through him and yams it on his head. (Also, shout out to the two women in the front row not paying attention.)


  • Now, it’s time to go to the video. I love the bench reaction to this. Every time there’s a nice play, you’ll usually get one or two guys up and clapping, but on this one every single guy on the bench jumped out of their seats. Always cool to see that kind of reaction.


  • Speaking of dunks, All-Star (!) Paul Millsap threw one down with authority on the Sixers. Glad to see Millsap make the All-Star team. He’s been awesome for Atlanta this year – especially since Horford went down. (h/t to @BoChurney for the vid.)


  • Moving along, Al Jefferson had another monster night, finishing with 40 points and 18 rebounds to help get the Bobcats another win. It was his third straight game with 30+ points and 11+ rebounds. He’s been on another level lately, and the Bobcats are going to need him to stay there as they have a tough matchup against the Suns scheduled for tonight.


  • The Bucks visited Orlando to play the Magic last night, and that was pretty depressing all around, but Giannis did a cool thing. (Bonus clip of his brother Thanasis doing the exact same dunk yesterday.)

Giannis dunk at 50 second mark of this video.


And here is Thanasis’ dunk.


  • Giannis is so much fun and he only recently turned 19. Last year he was playing in a low level league in Greece and now he’s making plays in the NBA. I can’t wait to watch him in a few years when he’s grown a bit and he actually knows what he’s doing out there.


  • Steph Curry was at it again last night, dropping 44 points on 8-13 from three. No one – except maybe Carmelo – gets into the zone like he does. It’s just incredible to watch and seems so effortless.


  • Now that the calendar has flipped to February, the Celtics and Lakers will hope to turn things around. Each team put in one of the worst months in franchise history over January.


  •  Unfortunately (or not, if you’re into the tanking thing) I don’t see either team getting much better.