Betting on the NBA

The NBA season is now in full swing, bringing exciting action to courts around America. Many basketball fans look for ways to become further involved in the games and one way do this is to make sports bets on various NBA match-ups. To make successful sports bets it helps to have knowledge on the team you are betting. So for example, the teams in the NBA who look like champions elect are Miami Heat (2/1), Indiana Pacers (4/1) and Oklahoma City Thunder (7/1). There are many different kinds of wagers than can be placed on NBA games, the most popular being money line betting.

Money line bets are made over which team a punter believes will win the game. It doesn’t matter what the score is, as some other types of bets do. In fact, a team can win by only one point and you would still win some coin. When placing a bet, most people will bet on the favorite team, as after all, this is most likely to occur and the safest bet. The money line is established in order to make the underdog just as appealing to bet on. Placing a bet on the underdog will cost substantially less than a bet on the favorite. However, the payout is much great when the underdog wins. The reverse of this is that a wager on the favorite will cost more with a smaller return.

Once you’ve made your decision on which money line to take, you can enjoy some time at an online casino such as playing popular basketball slot machine games. One of these is the game, Slam Dunk. With its basketball theme, the game utilizes basketball memorabilia on its reels. The most important of these symbols is the number 23 jersey. Paying homage to basketball superstar, Michael Jordan, this symbol can provide the maximum payout when appearing on all reels.