Marcus and Markieff Morris Once Switched Jerseys In The Middle Of An AAU Game

Life was better when Markieff Morris and Marcus Morris were on different teams because, for once, I could tell the two apart. But now that they’re both on the Phoenix Suns, life has been made difficult again for me. I mean, seriously, just look at this:

Apparently, they aren’t identical twins, but you could’ve fooled me. For one, they’re the spitting image of each other, which we’ve already discussed. Secondly, they masked whatever slight differences there may be between the two by getting the exact same tattoos and sporting the exact same facial hair. Finally, they live in the same house and drive the same cars, which just adds to the whole confusion. The only giveaway is that Markieff is one inch taller and 10 pounds heavier, but good luck figuring that out in the middle of a basketball game.

Inside Stuff did a little segment on the Morris brothers a couple of weeks ago and in it, stories were told of Jeff Hornacek and even their long-time personal chef not being able to tell the two apart, which leaves me with little hope that I’ll ever figure it out. And if you were wondering if they have ever used that to their advantage, then you’ll be happy to know that during the Cavaliers broadcast last night, Fred McLeod told a story about the brothers switching jerseys during an AAU game to fool the referee.

It turns out that this isn’t new news. Back in October, ran a story about that incident and in it, Markieff admitted that he put his acting skills to the test by giving the crowd and officials a, “little limp back in like I was hurting but kept playing.” But he also said that he doesn’t think they’d be able to pull that stunt in the NBA because he’s not, “as skilled as Mook is.”

Am I the only one who still thinks they could get away with it?

Scott Rafferty