Terrence Ross Is Giving The Ball From His 51-Point Game To His Mom

Last night in a loss to the L.A. Clippers, Terrence Ross shocked the entire world. In 44 minutes of game time, the eighth overall pick in last year’s draft tied Vince Carter’s franchise record for points scored in a game with 51 and did so quite efficiently, shooting 16-for-29 from the field and 10-for-17 from three. Had he not missed a free throw in the weaning seconds of the game – which was already out of reach – he would’ve walked away with a Raptors record. But he did become the first player in NBA history to score 50 or more points, while averaging less than 10 points per game on the season, so that’s cool

Ross didn’t have too much time to dwell on his amazing performance. Mere hours after the game, the Raptors packed their bags to hop on a plane to New York to prepare themselves for their game on Tuesday against the Brooklyn Nets. But before boarding the flight, Dan Gladman, one of the Raptors’ TV producers, snapped a photo of Ross smiling with just a normal basketball in his hand. The significance of it? Well, the ball was the one he scored 51 points with and the reason he’s still carrying it around is that he’s bringing it home to give it to his mom.

There’s something about NBA players being genuinely excited about their accomplishments that makes me smile. Throw in something sappy like giving the basketball from their career-high to their mom and it’s an all-around win.

UPDATE: The ball has been delivered.

Scott Rafferty