Phoenix Suns Recall Archie Goodwin From D-League

Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back, Archie Goodwin.

The Phoenix Suns recalled Goodwin from the Bakersfield Jam of the NBA Developmental League on Sunday after assigning him to the team just three days prior, on January 23.

The rookie appeared in two games for the Jam, averaging 29.5 points and 6 rebounds in 44 minutes. Goodwin scored 32 points and grabbed down 8 boards against the Sioux Falls Skyforce on Friday before tallying 27 points and recording 4 rebounds against the Reno Bighorns on Saturday.

Goodwin, just 19 and the league’s second youngest player recently lost his spot in the rotation due to the arrival of 10-year veteran Leandro Barbosa as the Suns look toward the playoffs.

In 36 games with the Suns this season, the shooting guard has averaged 3 points, on 38.3 percent shooting and 1.7 rebounds in just over 10 minutes per contest.

On November 19 against the Sacramento Kings, Goodwin dropped a career-high 16 points. Below are his highlights from the game:


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  • Sensational Guy

    I was thinking about how Dragic may be traded soon since he is unhappy and I’m starting think that trading him now is the best idea if he is gonna go anyway. I’m tired of Green and Frye being so streaky, and I think I may have thought of some trades the Suns could do to improve the team. I did a lot of research and thinking so check this out:

    1.Trade Dragic, Kravtsov, and a pick to Bobcats for Al Jefferson (throw in Gerald Green if necessary). The Bobcats have a full roster and they will have to trade an equal amount of players back top the Suns. They are over the cap limit, so this would save them some money and bring them back below it. The Suns are about 5 mil under, so they could take on a couple of the Bobcats worst players, and this would really sweeten the pot for the Bobcats and get them to agree to this trade. For example, the Suns could trade Dragic for Jefferson, Kravtsov for Jeffrey Taylor (comparable salary), and if they trade Green to them they could trade him for a player with a comparable salary, and this would be either Cody Zeller or Bismack Biyombo, who both play PF, which the Suns might actually be able to use.
    (Suns use 4.5 mil in cap space on Jefferson, bringing them to 57.74 mil, just under the 58.679 mil cap. The other salaries involved will not push them over the limit, as the Suns will save 0.7 mil trading Kravtsov for Taylor, and spend only 0.9 mil using Green acquire Zeller, or 0.2 mil to acquire Biyombo. I’m sure the cats would love to trade Zeller because he is being overpaid at 3.9 mil a year. I’m guessing this would be their choice, and they would keep Biyombo. The Suns would only use 4.7 mil of their cap same to make this happen.)

    2. Trade Frye, Goodwin and Christmas to the Kings for Jimmer Fredette and Ben McLemore. While The Kings probably believe in McLemore’s potential, I believe they would rather have Frye. Right now Frye is simply a more valuable player. They don’t want Jimmer and would also throw him in just to have Frye. He is also guaranteed to play for them next season with his contract. The Kings only have 13 players and have room for Goodwin. I would rather give them Jeffrey Taylor, but they would probably rather have Goodwin.
    (Suns save about 2.5 mil in cap space)

    3. If they still have him, trade Green to whatever team for the best draft pick possible.
    (This would be great. The Suns would save an additional 3 mil)
    Total cost : 0 – 2.2 mil. The Suns might even save a few mil.

    The new Suns:

    1. Bledsoe
    2. Barbosa*/Jimmer Fredette
    3. Tucker
    4. Plumlee
    5. Jefferson

    1. Smith
    2. Ben McLemore/Jimmer Fredette
    3. Morris
    4. Morris/Cody Zeller
    5. Len

    Reserves: Jeffrey Taylor
    Injured: Okafor

    *Play Barbosa limited minutes and bring in Jimmer pretty early.

    They may also still have the same number of draft picks as before.


    Frye is too streaky and needs to be replaced. Dragic is leaving anyway. Green is also streaky. Jefferson is the perfect way to replace Frye, but if they trade Frye to the Cats they will lose him as a trading chip. Better to trade Goran for him, and use Frye for a different trade. Jefferson can shoot the 3 and play Center at the same time, as well as do a lot of things better than Plumlee can. They will be great together.

    With this lineup there will always be at least 4 players on the floor who can shoot the 3 and stretch the floor, making it easier for Bledsoe, Barbosa, and Smith to drive into the lane.

    One thing I know is that I’ve given up on Frye because he is too streaky and he will never be reliable enough for my taste. Jefferson will replace him and the extra cost of paying Jefferson will be offset by replacing Frye with two young very low-salary players that have tons of potential.

    Green being gone will also free up a little cash and could earn us a 1st round pick from a team that could use another shooter for the playoffs. He is also very streaky and he could be replaced by Ben McLemore and Jimmer Fredette once they get into rhythm. I would miss his length but not his streakiness.

    The Bobcats would probably be willing to make the trade because Goran is cheaper than Jefferson and his contract will expire only 1 year before Jefferson’s. If they want more, than maybe cave in and give it to them. Picks, Green, Christmas, and Goodwin could all be used as chips. But not Frye since he is key to get the other players needed. Even though Jefferson is a great player, he’s getting old and he’s having leg problems, so I’m sure in many ways they would love to have the young Dragic instead, but his contract expires sooner than Jefferson’s so the pot may need to be sweetened quite a bit. They’ll want Kravtsov because he can play backup center for them since they will need to move Haywood up to starting center. Also, they are over the cap limit, so this would save them a lot of money.

    The Bobcats could use the same 2 point guard strategy as the Suns have, pairing Dragic with Kemba Walker. Then they could trade away one of the extra guards they have they won’t need anymore. They have 3-4 of these guys.

    What do you think Suns fans?

    Salaries of the players involved:
    Jefferson: 13.5
    Dragic: 7.5
    Kravtsov: 1.5
    Taylor: 0.8
    Zeller: 3.8
    Biyombo: 3.2
    Frye: 6.4
    Goodwin: 1.1
    Fredette: 2.4
    McLemore: 2.9
    Christmas: 0.5
    Green: 3.5