Kevin Durant Will Not Play Tonight

Just minutes ago, we learned that Kevin Durant will not play tonight. The Thunder are in Boston to take on the Celtics in a game that starts at 7:30 ET.


With the way Durant has been playing lately, the game figured to be a blowout win for the Thunder – even with Westbrook out of the lineup. Now, however, the Celtics might actually have a chance at picking up a win.

The word is that Durant is sitting out with a sore shoulder, which luckily doesn’t sound like a long term injury. It sounds more like Durant seeing who was on the schedule and figuring that it would be a night he could take off.

It’s too bad for the fans in Boston that were hoping to watch Durant play tonight (this is the Thunder’s only trip to Boston), but I understand it from Durant’s perspective. The Thunder are one of the top teams in the Western Conference and one game against a lowly Eastern Conference opponent such as the Celtics likely won’t make a difference in their final standing. For Durant, however, an extra night off – in which he doesn’t have to take any bumps or falls – can help him stay fresh for the deep playoff run Oklahoma City hopes to go on.

One final, interesting note comes to us from Anthony Slater of The Oklahoman.