Lion Face Lemon Face 01/19/13: #KDisnotnice

Apparently, there were a pair of important NFL games on last night, so it turned out to be a pretty quiet night in the NBA.

While none of the five games looked too exciting before they all tipped off, it turned out to be a pretty good night. Two of them were decided in the final minute of regulation, which is always fun, and two other ones featured some ridiculous performances. There was one more game, but watching the Bucks doesn’t really count as good basketball, so we’ll just leave it at that.

With that being said, it’s LION FACE/LEMON FACE time. Let’s get to it.

Lion Face: Isaiah Thomas loves the Thunder

On Sunday, Isaiah Thomas poured in a career-high 38 points against the Thunder and did so in true Isaiah fashion, which is always exciting. In nine career games against the Thunder, Thomas is now averaging 18.9 points on 53.4 percent shooting from the field and 46.8 percent shooting from three. Basically, he loves playing against the Thunder, but I can’t put my finger on why. Oh, he’s from Seattle? That explains it.

Lemon Face: O.J. Mayo goes scoreless against the Spurs

In 19 minutes off the bench, O.J. Mayo missed all four of his shots and scored zero points against the Spurs. Heading into this season, Mayo had been held scoreless in a game only three times. This season, he’s failed to register a single point in…three separate games. It hasn’t been a good season for Mayo. In fact, its been the worst one of his career. Now I’ve got the sads.

Lion Face: Paul George’s animated dunk

You’ve probably seen Paul George’s 360 windmill at least 100 times since it happened on Saturday, but it’s time for you to see it for the 101st time because this animation is just too cool not to share:

Lemon Face: Kemba Walker is out for two weeks

The Bobcats announced yesterday that Kemba Walker will miss up to two weeks after spraining his ankle against the Miami Heat on Saturday night. To be honest, I was expecting worse news because it looked like a really, really bad sprain, but it’s still not good news because the Bobcats are on the outside looking in on the Playoffs right now and without the heart and soul of their team for two weeks, this could be the start of a rough stretch.

Lion Face: #KDisnotnice

After dropping 54 points on the Warriors three days ago, Kevin Durant decided to tone down his quest for world domination by posting a pedestrian 30 points, nine assists, six rebounds, four steals and two blocks against the Kings. He’s now averaging 35.8 points, 7.4 rebounds, 5.8 assists, 1.5 steals and 0.8 blocks per game since Russell Westbrook’s injury. I don’t think words can explain how amazing he has been. But that “M.V.P” acronym may work.

Lemon Face: Giannis Antetokounmpo has the biggest hands…ever

Because you can never see too many pictures showing off how humungous Giannis Antetokounmpo’s hands are:

Oh, and this also happened:

Lion Face: Nick Young takes over in the fourth

The Lakers battled back from an early deficit to beat the Raptors in Toronto on Sunday and Nick Young played the role of Kobe Bryant, scoring a game-high 29 points, including 15 in the fourth quarter alone. And, of course, he did it in the swaggiest way possible because that’s the only way Nick Young knows how to play basketball.

Lemon Face: Nate Robinson’s pizza

This is a Lemon Face because I’m jealous. I want my face on a pizza, Pizza Hut. Is that too much to ask? Do I have to be in the NBA to make it happen?! Sigh. Life’s not fair.

Lion Face: Channing Frye goes for a season-high against the Nuggets

In the Suns’ 117-103 home victory over the Nuggets on Sunday, Channing Frye scored a season-high 30 points in just 27 minutes of action on some pretty efficient shooting: 12-for-16 from the field and 5-for-7 from the beyond the arc. Someone should tell the Nuggets that putting a body on him may help next time.

Lemon Face: The Celtics are the cure for losing streaks

Here’s something that is a little weird: With their 93-91 loss to the Magic last night, the Boston Celtics have now dropped four consecutive games against teams on a 10-game losing streak, per Elias. They lost to the Bucks in November and last season, the Bobcats and Cavaliers both ended their double-digit losing streaks with victories over the Celtics. I told you it was weird.

Props to r/NBA for the GIF.

Scott Rafferty