Oh My, Paul George: Thoughts on the NBA for 1/19/14

  • So Paul George did this last night. A 360, windmill slam during a dunk contest would be impressive, but George did it during a game. Plus, he finished with 36 points and 6 rebounds as the Pacers knocked off the Clippers, 106-92. It’s going to be a long while before we see another in-game dunk like that one.


  • The Wizards lost to the Pistons last night, and slipped back under .500. There’s only four teams at .500 or better in the East again. Meanwhile, there’s 10 teams at .500 or better in the West. I wouldn’t want to be a fan of the team(s) in the West that win 45 games or so and miss out on the playoffs.


  • Anthony Davis went off last night, dropping 31 points and 17 rebounds, but the Pelicans lost again, falling to the Warriors. Davis is averaging 20 and 10 a night this year, and has truly cemented himself as one of the best big men in the league. Even more impressive is that he’s just 20 years old. With a few more years of experience and time for his body to grow and develop, Davis is going to absolutely dominate in the next decade.


  • Kemba Walker did a fun thing last night: a no-look lob to Josh McRoberts. It’s been fun watching Walker this year, but unfortunately he also injured his ankle last night and might be out for a good while. Apparently the season of injuries is never ending.


  • Sticking with the Heat-Bobcats game, Greg Oden played a few minutes again. He didn’t really do much, but it’s still great to see him out there again. Hopefully he’s able to stay healthy and contribute the rest of the way.