Popovich Interview Decided by Coin Toss

During ESPN’s coverage of the Spurs-Jazz game on Wednesday night, an interesting situation came about. As the 3rd quarter was coming to a close, play by play announcer Dave Pasch and color commentator Jon Barry decided to flip a coin in order to decide who would have to interview Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich at the end of the quarter.

Since there was no sideline reporter on hand, one of them would have to take on the tough task of interviewing San Antonio’s coach. Pasch was the odd one out here as Barry called heads and got it right. This of course was all done in good fun.

Popovich is well known for his very abrupt answers to questions during these interviews, and he certainly displayed that in this game. After the Spurs outscored the Jazz 31-24 in the 3rd, Pasch asked Pop what he liked about his defense in the quarter. Popovich responded in typical fashion with “not much.”

Pasch again tried to rephrase the question by asking if there was anything at all Pop liked about his defense. Of course Gregg Popovich once again said “not much.” He then starting walking away telling Pasch that “that’s your two questions.”

This comes only a week after Pop gave a very memorable interview with ESPN’s Jeff Van Gundy, when he was covering the Spurs game against the Mavericks.

While some fans may find Popovich’s lack of cooperation during interviews a little rude, this is all part of his persona. Pop is a guy who doesn’t care what others think about him. All he is concerned with is the play of his team. The broadcasters know this and are having fun with it, as is Gregg Popovich.


  • Michael Lickteig

    I’ve seen jerks try to act like nice guys, but why would a nice guy try to act like a jerk? How would it hurt Popovich to cooperate with a broadcaster once in awhile? Most people seem to agree that Popovich is a decent guy, so why play this little game with broadcasters every single night?