NBA All-Star Jerseys Revealed

The National Basketball Association is really pushing these sleeved jerseys.

On Thursday afternoon, pictures of the 2014 All-Star jerseys leaked.



Players around the league have expressed their dislike for sleeved jerseys.

Nick Young on the new experiment:

“They’re trying to set me up for failure.”

Beno Udrih:

“Personally (the short-sleeved jersey) bothered me and my shot. On a normal shot I’m used to getting my shoulder and elbow up (unhindered).”

LeBron James:

“I can’t have my shooters out there worrying about some sleeves and not shooting the ball.”

Clearly, many players of the Association are not fans of the sleeved jerseys, nor should they be. Not only can they interfere with shooting the ball, but, to many eyes, they’re just not pleasant to look at.

The NBA is using these as a way to generate more revenue. No matter how ugly or hideous these and other sleeved jerseys may be, fans will certainly be lining up to buy them.


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Pictures via @BrettNBA