Nick Young Fights Multiple Suns Players (Video)

Down in Phoenix, the Suns are taking on the Los Angeles Lakers. Mid-way through the 2nd quarter, the two are locked in a close game.

Just a few minutes ago, however, the game took an unfortunate turn as Nick Young took offense to a dangerous foul and decided to fight multiple Suns players.

Young was rightfully upset after Alex Len drilled him in the face and sent him plummeting to the floor, where Young landed flat on his backside. Getting up, Young had words for Len and then tried to shove and/or punch him. Several Suns tried to break it up, but Young was still heated and also took a swing at Goran Dragic.

Both Len and Young were ejected following the play. If not a dirty play by Len, it was certainly extremely dangerous, and Young was understandably mad about it. Luckily he wound up being okay, but Young could have been seriously injured from the fall. You obviously never want to see punches thrown in a game, but I can completely understand where Young was coming from.





(H/T to SB Nation for the .gifs)