Mrs. Obama and the Miami Heat: A Photo Breakdown

Yesterday (as we noted here on the site), the Miami Heat made a stop at the White House during their trip to Washington, where they were honored for winning the NBA championship last spring.

At one point, a number of Heat players – LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and Ray Allen – and head coach Erik Spolestra met with the First Lady to discuss healthy eating, something Mrs. Obama has been a huge proponent of during her time in the White House. During their chat, many photos were taken, including this gem, which was tweeted out by Mrs. Obama.


Just look at this picture. Seriously keep looking at it. There’s so much here that you could spend minutes upon minutes just staring at it and picking up on new things, which is why we need to do a photo breakdown.

First, let’s set the scene: Seated from right to left we have Erik Spolestra, Ray Allen, LeBron James, Mrs. Obama, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh. It appears that Wade has just told a hilarious joke, which has everyone in stitches.

  1. Yet another incredible photo moment for Chris Bosh. He remains undefeated as the king of awkward, funny picture poses. (Side note: Bosh’s sock game is pretty solid.)
  2. Look at that watch Wade is wearing. He should definitely Instagram that, like “mad rich alert.”
  3. I was about to criticize Wade for going with the casual sneaker look, but after closer inspection I believe those are actually dress shoes, which is good. I try to avoid dress shoes whenever possible, but when you’re being honored at the White House you just have to go dress shoes, which they all did.
  4. LOOK AT HOW MANY APPLES THERE ARE! Each person is holding one in the picture and there are seven cores lying on the table. So everyone is on their second apple and someone is on their third. Plus there’s a bowl with at least a dozen more apples. I mean I enjoy apples as well, but sheeeesh.
  5. Ray Allen sporting the championship ring, which is just massive. That doesn’t even look comfortable.
  6. While Bosh won, everyone in the picture is making an awesome face and/or pose. I love the way Wade is holding up the apple and grinning with his hand on his chin, while LeBron looks like he’s caught between swallowing a bite of the apple and laughing at Wade’s joke. Then there’s Mrs. Obama and Bosh dying with laughter.

Literally everything about this picture is perfect, imo. Would be very down for more pictures like this.