Matt Bonner Had A Great Andy Kaufman Impersonation at the Spurs Tux ‘N Tennies Gala

This past weekend the San Antonio Spurs held their annual dinner and auction gala, Tux ‘N Tennies, with proceeds going to the nonprofit partner for Spurs Sports & Entertainment, Silver & Black Give Back. The theme for the night was Spurs Night Live, a play off of Saturday Night Live as it featured performances by Spurs players like this spot on Andy Kaufman impersonation by forward Matt Bonner:

Comedic performances are not new to Bonner, as last year he performed live improv with iO Chicago and his Coach B persona is a well known Internet celebrity.

For those of you unfamiliar with the original Kaufman bit, do take the minute and forty-four seconds to watch the comedic genius at work:

Kaufman performed this bit on the very first episode of SNL on October 11, 1975 and it is great to see that after thirty plus years it still holds up. It is also great to see that Bonner, like with his perfect shooting form, displayed perfect form in this performance:

MattBonnerMightyMouse on Make A Gif

(H/T Luke Bonner)


Ananth Pandian

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