Clippers Center Ryan Hollins Squeezes His Seven Foot Frame Into A Smart Car (Video)

Laugh Out Loud Flickr | softwareguy888

Laugh Out Loud  Flickr | softwareguy888

Back in 2012, Los Angeles Clippers reserve center, Ryan Hollins wanted to be be featured on ESPN’s Sport Science:

Sadly for Hollins, the show didn’t tweet him back or honor his request to be on the show. But just this past weekend, Hollins conducted his own mini-Sports Science-esque experiment by attending the LA Auto Show and squeezing his seven foot frame into a Smart Car:

Proving that a Smart Car is spacious, Hollins is able to fit into the car, although he did have to lift his left leg into his car with his left hand to make it work.

Hopefully Sport Science will take notice of this experiment by Hollins and have him on an actual episode in the future.

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