Drake Night Recap: For All the Stunting He’ll Forever Be Immortalized

Did y’all boys not get the memo?

Last night in Toronto was Drake Night, a celebration of the Toronto rapper who recently became a global ambassador for the Raptors. As Brandon Jennings noted, this kind of thing has never happened before. (Side note: Absolutely no coincidence that Jennings went off last night, dropping 18 assists in the Pistons win. Jennings is by far the league’s biggest Drake fan, and may even be the world’s biggest. If you want a FAR more detailed look at their friendship, check out this piece from friend of the program, internet personality @hancxck.)

Drake made it, and nothing will ever be the same again. And so, in honor of the groundbreaking night, I wanted to recap what went down as the Raptors took on the Nets so that you (well, mostly I) can always remember this glorious night.

First, we will briefly discuss the actual basketball game. The Nets were shorthanded and eventually the Raptors pulled away for a 16 point win. DeMar DeRozan had 26 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists to lead the way. The End.

Now on to the important stuff.

“Tonight isn’t a Drake show. It has nothing really to do with Drake.” – Drake, before the game. Lol, sure. I know, I know, Drake has to say that, but still, lol.

Anyways, we should start by checking out the t-shirts they were giving out before the game.

These shirts are amazing. The front features the Raptors’ logo in gold, while on the back is Drake’s OVO Owl, also in gold. Black and gold, by the way, are Drake’s “colors,” and have been discussed as a possible new color scheme for the Raptors’ jerseys.

Speaking of clothing, we have to mention Drake’s custom, Vince-Carter-jersey-lined jacket he showed off before the game. We’ve shown it multiple times already on the site, but you can never see it enough.

Then of course, there was the player introductions, handled by Drake himself, with the “Trophies” beat playing in the background. To be honest, I was a little disappointed in The Boy with these. Not as much enthusiasm as I was expecting, but still cool, nonetheless.

Additionally, we have these pictures, courtesy of the Toronto Raptors’ Facebook page.

That album is definitely cool, but this is without a doubt the picture of the night.

We can’t leave however, without checking in on Drake’s Instagram page, so let’s take a look.

Drake joining the commentator’s booth.


A throwback pick of a young Drake in a Raptors jersey.



Big win.

Drake Big Win



Well I think that about covers it. This was truly a unique and magical night.

You ain’t know, now you know now.