Nets Beat Heat For Fifth Straight Win: Thoughts on the NBA for 1/11/14

  • On nickname night, the Brooklyn Nets – lead by “Tippy Toe” Joe Johnson – knocked off the Heat in a thrilling, double overtime affair. Couple thoughts on the nicknames. First, I thought it was a cool idea. I wouldn’t want to see it every night, but it was an interesting gimmick. Also, it’s too bad Joe Johnson couldn’t get “Tippy Toe Joe” on the back of his jersey. I’ve never heard anyone call him that before, but that’s definitely what I’m calling him from now on.


  • Staying with the Nets-Heat matchup, what a game for Shaun Livingston. He played 51 minutes, scored 19 points on 6-11 shooting, grabbed a career-high 11 rebounds and chipped in five assists as well. Plus, he played some excellent defense down the stretch, drawing a charge on LeBron James (which fouled out LeBron and probably shouldn’t have been called a foul) and getting a huge block on Ray Allen. It’s great to see Livingston playing well with everything he’s had to go through in his career. Hopefully he keeps it up.


  • 66 points for the Wizards last night is just… wow. I realize Indiana has an incredible defense, but sheesh. The Wizards also missed another chance to get to .500 last night. With their loss, their remains just four teams at .500 or better in the East (Pacers, Heat, Hawks, Raptors).


  • Rudy Gay continued to play well in Sacramento, dropping 22 points (8-13 shooting), grabbing 10 rebounds and handing out 5 assists. Check out this piece from my co-editor, Matthew Hochberg, for more on Gay’s success in Sacramento.


  • Luol Deng played his first game for the Cavaliers last night, as they picked up a 113-102 win over the Jazz. He scored 10 points while playing just 21 minutes as he gets accustomed to the Cavs’ system. It should be interesting to see how Deng affects the Cavs the rest of the way. While he should help them secure a playoff berth, they still aren’t making it past the Pacers or Heat in the East.


  • After getting their 10 game win streak snapped by Brooklyn the other night, Golden State got a new streak started with a win over the Celtics, but they really had to work for it. Even though the Celtics lost again (seventh straight), they continue to play hard and push opposing teams. Sure, they get blown out once in a while as all lottery bound teams do, but for the most part they’re in every game. A few bounces here and there and the C’s could easily have four or five more wins. They have four losses by three or less points now.


  • Also from the Celtics-Warriors game, check out this sweet dunk by Jeff Green.