Kevin Durant Smoking Selfie Controversy

Kevin Durant had a rough couple of hours.

Shortly after losing to the lesser Denver Nuggets 101-88 on Thursday night, a selfie of the Oklahoma City Thunder star blowing smoke was tweeted out from his account, but the forward is claiming his phone was hacked. It seems to be hookah smoke, which is legal. It is, however, possible to put non-approved NBA substances into a hookah.

Durant stood firm by the notion that it wasn’t him who tweeted out the picture to his almost 6 million followers:




Shortly after the incident, the photo was deleted but not before Deadspin received the picture and posted it.


Durant’s teammate Nick Collison jumped to his defense, stating that Durant was on the TSA line when the photo was tweeted out.

It is certainly a strange story, and one that the general public will most likely never know the truth to. In many cases, athletes use the “I was hacked” excuse after putting something on up on social media they shouldn’t, but Durant truly does come off as a standup guy. Whatever the case may be, the three-time scoring champion is most likely more worried about his team’s performance on the court after dropping the last two contests to sub-par teams.


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  • Jeremy

    If you think it wasn’t pot. I’d question what you’re smoking. Nonetheless, I wonder if anybody’s actually surprised. Pot in the NBA? *gasp*