No J.R. Smith, No Problem For Knicks: Thoughts on the NBA for 1/10/14

Welcome back to this daily “Thoughts” post. Unfortunately due to travel I was unable to post yesterday, but we’re back at today. Let’s get into it.

  • Obviously we have to start with the Knicks win, sans J.R. Smith, over the Heat. Every win for the Knicks is big right now, but beating the Heat is huge – especially from a psychological standpoint. Even though they of course aren’t as good as the Heat and have no chance beating them in a playoff series, getting a win over the mighty Heat excites the fan base and can give the team a belief in themselves. Also, this was the Knicks’ third win in a row, and suddenly they’re just one game out of a playoff spot.


  • The Nets and Knicks currently hold the longest winning streaks, at four and three games respectively, in the Eastern Conference. Nothing else to add there, just thought you should know that.


  • Speaking of the Knicks and J.R. Smith, Adrian Wojnarowski eviscerated Smith in a column last night, calling Smith, “a soft, spoiled suburban jump-shooter.” He added other anecdotes about Smith’s lack of maturity, including a story about Smith and room service at a hotel. All of it seemed a bit over the top to me. It just seemed unnecessarily harsh and cutting.


  • 30 points for Kevin Durant last night, but no one else on the Thunder scored more than 13. It’s just something that’s going to happen with Westbrook out. Durant is always going to get his, but sometimes the other guys won’t show up. They’ve lost four of six, but I still wouldn’t worry about the Thunder. Once Westbrook returns they’ll get back on track.


  • 24 points for Randy Foye last night! It was his second straight game of 20+ points (also his only two games of 20+ points all year). He’s also 13-21 from three in the last two games. This has been your reminder that Randy Foye is still in the league.


  • On a more somber note, Eric Bledsoe and Jrue Holiday have both went down with long-term injuries in the last 24 hours. The season of injuries continues, and it’s just depressing. The Bledsoe injury is especially crushing for Phoenix, who has been playing phenomenal ball this year. It will be interesting to see what they plan to do now, as there were reports they were thinking of packaging assets for a proven player in order to bolster their playoff hopes. With Bledsoe out for possibly the rest of the year, they may hold off on making that move and reassess the situation.


  • I don’t want to leave you on the depressing subject of injuries, so enjoy this video from The Starters/Basketball Jones. Embrace the day people!