Lance Stephenson’s Singing Is Not Easy On The Ears

NBA players are freaks of nature. Not only do they get paid millions of dollars to play basketball for a living, but more often that not, they are ridiculously good at other things. You’ve heard the stories of how LeBron James and Nate Robinson could’ve played in the NFL. You’ve seen the video of Victor Oladipo serenading us all with his rendition of “Ain’t No Sunshine.” You’ve watched all the Uncle Drew videos, which Kyrie Irving wrote, directed and starred in.

Basically, there is an abundance of other, non-basketball related talent in the NBA and it makes me very jealous.

But that’s not the case with everyone, obviously. Take Lance Stephenson as an example. He’s made quite the name for himself this season by flirting with triple-doubles on, what seems like, a nightly basis and he’s one of the early season favorites to take home “Most Improved Player of the Year” honors when the regular season wraps up in April. But when it comes to singing, he’s terrible. Like really, really terrible. And thankfully, Roy Hibbert captured this video of Lance showing off his limited piano and singing skills for us all to feel a little better about ourselves.

Caption: @stephensonlance got on dem piano keys n showed his singing skills. Wanna hear y’all comments. N plus we snowed out of Indy

And here’s Rasual Butler’s video in case you are dying to hear more:

Caption: New talent @stephensonlance killing it with the vocals lol!

Stick to basketball, Lance. Sincerely, my ears.

Scott Rafferty