Gilbert Arenas Highlights For Gilbert Arenas’ Birthday (Video)

Happy Birthday to “Agent Zero,” Gilbert Arenas! The former Wizards guard turns 32 today, so in honor, here are some of the best moments of his interesting career (in no particular order).





  • Video of Arenas playing paintball with JaVale McGee and Nick “Swaggy P” Young. Trust me, this is very important.


  • Arenas’ game-winner from Game 5 of the Wizards’ first-round playoff series against the Chicago Bulls back in 2005.


  • Arenas crossing Kobe Bryant multiple times in the same game. (The footage is a bit grainy.)


  • A nice windmill dunk.


  • Arenas dunking off of a trampoline at an event hosted by Dwight Howard. (Bonus footage of Howard being a goof.)


  • Nick Young claiming that Arenas took the wheels and rims off of his car as a prank when he was a rookie in Washington. (Skip to 3:45 mark.)


  • Arenas discussing why he pooped in Andray Blatche’s shoe. (H/T to Kyle Weidie at Truth About It.)


  • Arenas telling Vince Carter about his plans to cross Kobe during the All-Star game. (Bonus: Arenas badly bricking a three.)



  • #NeverForget: Arenas’ sharks died after someone (Arenas claims it was the mother of his children) threw pennies into the shark’s tank.


If you have any favorite stories or videos about Arenas that we failed to mention here, please share them in the comments below.

Long live, Hibachi!