Wait, the Knicks and Nets both won?: Thoughts on the NBA for 1/3/14

  • So the New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets – who are both having abysmal seasons – both won last night. It was the first time the two New York teams have won on the same night all season. While there isn’t much hope for either team, given what we’ve seen so far this season, would it really be that surprising if they both end up in the playoffs? At 11-21, the Nets are just two games out of a playoff spot somehow, while the Knicks, at 10-21 are two and a half games out. As much as don’t trust either New York squad, I’m not exactly betting the house on Charlotte, Chicago, or Boston.


  • Apparently Thomas Robinson was yelling out “lunch meat” every time LaMarcus Aldridge caught the ball last night. It apparently means that whoever was defending Aldridge couldn’t guard him, and that it was time to eat. I’m interested to see if this one catches on.


  • The Golden State-Miami matchup last night was so, so fun. Miami looked like they took the night off on defense (which is not a big deal at all), which lead to an already explosive Warriors offense putting up 123 points. Steph Curry and David Lee were awesome, and ran the two man game to perfection in the 4th quarter.


  • The Jazz took care of the visiting Bucks last night and have now won three of their last four to move to 11-24 and no longer have the least amount of wins in the West. (They’re still behind the Kings in the standings because they have more losses.) After starting 4-19, they’re a respectable 6-5 over the last three weeks or so.


  • Still clinging to a playoff spot in the East, the Bobcats have gotten a lot of praise for their defense this year (They currently sit sixth in defensive efficiency rating and are one of only six teams to have a defensive efficiency rating under 100.), but last night was not good. Of course, the Trail Blazers are a great team, but Portland went 21-33 (!) from three, which just can’t happen.

Blazers’ shot chart from three. (Courtesy of NBA.com/stats)