Young Men and Fire


All it takes is an instant to completely change the landscape of a season. A wrong step. An injured knee. A broken bone or torn connective tissue. These injuries can have drastic consequences for a team — consuming championship aspirations, snuffing out legacies and resetting the process of rebuilding. Continue Reading

Double Or Nothing: How The Clippers Contained Damian Lillard


On Thursday night, we were treated to another thriller: an overtime game between a pair of elite teams in the West. On one side, there were the Clippers – a team lead by the league’s best point guard in Chris Paul, as well as one of the best power forwards in Blake Griffin. On the other side, there were the Blazers – the most surprising team thus far in the NBA season, lead by someone who many believe has been better than Griffin, LaMarcus Aldridge, as well as Damian Lillard, a potential all-star in just his second year in the league. Continue Reading