Toronto Raptors Changing Color Scheme to Black and Gold?

In the past months, there has been much talk about the Toronto Raptors “rebranding.” The latest reports indicate a color change from the current red and white to black and gold is a possibility.

The rebrand started in the front office with the signing of new GM, Masai Ujiri, over the summer. He has quickly overhauled the roster, dumping long-time underachieving big man Andrea Bargnani to the Knicks and flipping Rudy Gay – who was just acquired last season – to the Kings.

Then there was the announcement a few months ago that Toronto would be hosting the NBA All-Star game in 2016.

In addition, Toronto-born rapper, Drake, who was named as a “global ambassador” for the franchise, is leading the off-court rebranding.

As for future components to the “rebrand,” a new mascot and color scheme has been discussed. Nothing has been announced, and even if there are changes, they won’t come until next season at the earliest.

Earlier today, we got the latest reports (via Doug Smith of the Toronto Star) on the topic, and they indicate that black and gold may be an option for the new color scheme.

Now, I’m not suggesting it’s a done deal and a lot of different people and companies are coming up with a lot of different looks and styles but I was told on the weekend that black and gold is definitely something being considered.

He made sure to remind us however, that this is is just a possibility.

To repeat: This is by no means a done deal and there is still time for them to tinker and change and do whatever they have in this grandiose to re-invent the organization.

Black and gold, huh?

Well those just happen to be the colors of OVO Sound, Drake’s record label.

It is certainly no coincidence that Drake became a “global ambassador” for the club and suddenly his colors are being suggested for new jerseys. Black and gold would certainly be a sharp contrast to the current red and white.

As of now there are no mockups, merely the suggestion of the colors, so there is no potential jerseys to judge. Personally, I think the black and gold jerseys – if done well – could be a great new look for the Raptors. (No other teams currently use that combo.)

But with nothing else to go on besides this possibility, it will be interesting to see what happens moving forward, as Drake is clearly influencing the franchise – evident by this rumor and the fact that the team is having a “Drake Night” in less than two weeks.

OVO color scheme or not, Masai Ujiri and company hope nothing will be the same in Toronto when the rebrand is over.


Correction: An earlier edition of this post mentioned the Raptors use purple in their current color scheme. However, the purple was recently dropped and is no longer in use.


  • John Spray

    Man, as a Boilermaker fan, the black and gold is a go!

    • Jack Maloney

      Ya I think they could look really cool. We’ll see what happens, but it certainly seems like they’re going to make a change.

  • Newmarket_Brian

    Hi Jack:
    It’s FanSided’s man in Toronto here (Editor of Raptors Rapture). You mention purple as one of the team’s colours. Unfortunately, it was dropped when Bryan Colangelo came to town. He liked Canada’s national colours of red and white, and added silver trim. A lot of us hope to see the purple return. The Raps also wear black and red alternate uniforms.
    Black & gold has nothing to do with Toronto. Our football team, the Argonauts (founded in 1873(!), the oldest pro team in North America still using its original name) wears double blue, the Maple Leafs are blue and white, and our baseball team is the Blue Jays. Are you detecting a trend here? I don’t know what Tim Leiweke, who moved here after running the Lakers, is trying to do with these colours.
    We watch with interest, but cheer for purple – or blue.

    • Jack Maloney

      Thank you for pointing that out. I have changed the post.

  • hoopsgirlforever

    No, no to Blue. Blue hasn’t done much for the Leafs except reflect the true mental state of all Leaf fans.

    I like the current colours of red and white. If the suits want this to be THE Canadian team, then that is what we should stay with. If the suits really want to make a change – lose the camo. I know our veterans appreciate the acknowledgement but they put THEIR uniforms on for our flag!

    Finally, no to pink versions of any pro sports jerseys. Don’t mess with the teams’ colours!

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